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I am taking necessary precautions when packing, sending off and delivering orders due to Covid 19. 

This means wearing gloves and making sure anything I use in your orders has been handled properly to avoid any contamination.
I am taking all orders directly to the Post Office myself (as always) and handing boxes off to gloved and masked postal workers.  For deliveries I wear a mask and leave orders by customers' front doors (or other locations, if specified.) 

It may take me a little longer to send off packages due to the high volumes of orders being placed.

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Here you will find great quality chinchilla feed, hay and supplies at good prices!

Save up to 75% over pet store prices on the basics with a great selection of chinchilla safe toys and other items all in one place.

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I add needed products from time to time to broaden our selection.  Let me know if there is something you are looking for that I could add to make it more convenient for you when you order.  We've been working on providing more and more chinchilla and guinea pig products, and strive to have as many safe, unique and economical choices as possible.

Thank you to each and every one of you!  Without you none of this would be possible, your suggestions and insight are invaluable and greatly appreciated.

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2020 Saturday Phoenix Area Delivery Trips


The next delivery trip to Phoenix is on December 5th, 2020
(Please add one of the following to your shopping cart for delivery only for the 13th.)

For the  next trip each order placed will include FREE 2 lbs Timothy/Alfalfa Hay Cubes or 2 ounces FREE Rosebuds.  Please use the buttons below for the delivery fee.  Free gifts are ONLY for people participating in the Phoenix area delivery trips.  (For guinea pig customers, I will substitute a gift that they will enjoy if you like!)

Phoenix Supplies Delivery Fee ($3.55):

December 5th, 2020 Delivery Fee with 2 lbs Timothy Pellets

December 5th, 2020  Delivery Fee with 2 Vine Toys

Just one delivery fee per order.  Click once.  If you do not include it in your order and you want your supplies delivered, I will send a paypal money request for $3.55 or this amount will be due upon delivery.  The deadline for a delivery on a Saturday trip is 6 pm the Thursday evening right before a scheduled trip.  If I do have time to deliver an order that has been placed after the deadline, the delivery fee will be $5.50 or the order will be shipped.

January 2nd, 2021
February 6th, 2021
March 6th, 2021

Shelly LOVES seagrass wreaths.

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Weekly Tucson Area Delivery on Wednesday or Thursday each week

I will leave your order by your door.  I wear gloves and a mask while doing deliveries to avoid any contamination of orders.  All orders are packed into clean paper and plastic bags.

Each week either Wednesday or Thursday is a delivery day to Tucson, sometimes the page doesn't get updated as much as it should!  Email with questions about deliveries. 

Call, email or use website for orders!!

Click on the product categories below for product and pricing information.

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Please Select a Product Category:

Basic Essentials - This includes pellets, timothy hay, hay cubes and other everyday essentials for your chinchilla.

Toys and Chew Blocks - Toys of all types from simple chew blocks to beautiful hanging toys! (Necessary for a happy chinnie!!)

Accessories - Waterbottles, food dishes, and cage ledges.

Cages - Selection of Chinchilla-safe cages.

Bulk Boxes - Bulk Boxes of products with flat rate shipping included.  Faster to order bulk items like pellets, hay cubes and dust.

Complete List of Products - A list of all products all on one page!

For you new owners and soon-to-be new owners out there, our Chinchilla Supply Checklist may help you in finding everything you need for your chinchilla since it can be hard to remember everything!

EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU ARE WANTING SUPPLIES DELIVERED TO YOU IN TUCSON!  I will then make a date within a week to deliver items to you, it's best to order on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure delivery right away.  (If you prefer, I can leave your order near your front door when you aren't home.)

Purpose of AZ Chins Chinstore:

Due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to find good chinchilla supplies in Arizona, we decided to start offering chinchilla pellets and supplies for sale to be delivered to Tucson or Phoenix or to be picked up here in Sahuarita.  Orders can be delivered to Tucson and Phoenix ( delivery is available at least weekly for Tucson, once or twice a month to the Phoenix area) to save on shipping costs.  We have a lot of products that possibly  people outside of the state may want to order from us, as well.  Primarily, we are a local distributor of chinchilla products, but we will sell to people all over the country.  The shopping cart is set up for pick up or delivery.  There will be extra shipping fees added to the total if you are needing to have orders shipped to you out of state.

Store Policies:

We can ship any of our products with the exception of shavings.   Most shipping is done through USPS (except for cages) or FEDEX ground (heavier orders), the minimum shipping charge is $3.50.  Normally I go with the cheapest rate for shipping that I can find with any of the major shippers.  Lately we have been using a lot of flat rate boxes and I have gotten great at packing them to maximize the amount of chinnies supplies I can send!  Buy several items at once to save on postage, I charge only what the post office or Fedex charges for shipping.   I try my best to get everything out the same day or next day, but sometimes it will take an extra day or two.  Packages are taken to the post office most weekdays and sometimes Saturdays.   Please allow approximately a week for packages to arrive after you have ordered.   Sometimes larger orders or custom orders may take longer, if toys are ordered it may take a few days longer to get them made up for your order.  Damaged products in shipping or lost packages are not the responsiblity of AZ Chins.

We do not charge a packing fee on any orders.   I reuse boxes and packing material to keep these items out of the landfill and also to save customers money.  The minimal amount of packaging is used, as well.  We do not have fancy packaging - this allows for less waste and much less cost.  Lower costs are passed on to customers!

IMPORTANT to non-local customers:  

The shopping cart
does not include shipping charges, it's purpose is to make it a little easier for local people to order items.  Buyers are responsible for all shipping fees.  It is best to send an email with your order so I can send you an invoice through paypal.  If you use the shopping cart, I will email you with shipping costs after you place an order and I will send an invoice for the shipping through Paypal.   You will need to pay for the shipping BEFORE the order is sent to you.

After I send a money request for shipping, you will need to pay it before your order will be sent.  If I don't hear back from you, I will send reminders for the shipping.  After a week or so I will most likely send a refund for your order and cancel it completely.  I try to communicate as efficiently and with as much courtesy as possible, I expect the same from customers.

The costs to ship to places in Arizona are minimal.   On average it costs about $12 to $15 to ship a larger order to Phoenix or surrounding areas, smaller items can be shipped very inexpensively using regional flat rate boxes.  Delivery to the Phoenix area is normally available the first Saturday of each month, there may be a small delivery fee ($3 to $4).  Free delivery is available weekly to the Tucson area - Wednesdays or Thursdays are delivery days to Tucson.  Email, call or text me with any questions you may have about delivery or shipping.


Ordering Information:

If you need chin food, send an email to chinnies@azchins.com (or call and text 520-490-7873 cell) and let me know how much you need.  You may use the shopping cart for ordering, as well.  I will bring your order to you in Tucson at whatever time I will be in town, or you can pick up your supplies here.  Deliveries are made to Phoenix the first Saturday of each month (occasionally there are other delivery dates.)   Just email and let us know what you need and I will take care of getting supplies to you.  I will find out what it will cost for shipping if this is necessary for your order.

You may use the shopping cart on the catalog or product pages or I can accept credit card payments through www.paypal.com, money orders or cash. (No checks for first time orders!  Any checks or money orders need to be made out to:  Susan Leonetti)   Email me for shipping charges or add up the weight of all the items you want and see what it will cost at www.usps.com or www.fedex.com.   I am willing to ship through UPS (http://www.ups.com) for larger orders where their shipping is less expensive.  The use of flat rate priority boxes may drastically reduce the cost of shipping.  Please remember that hay takes up a fairly large volume and may be why I will have to ask more for shipping through FedEx.

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