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Apple Pop Toy

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Apple Hanging Toy

Product Name:  Apple Shaped Toys


Apple Pop - A larger hardwood apple with eight small apples attached to it with seagrass.  The apple may be green, yellow or red.   Specify the colors you'd like if you have a preference.  The large apple is 1 1/4" tall and the handle is about six inches long.  Only chin safe materials are used in this toy with chin safe dyes.

Apple Hanging Toy - Three larger hardwood apples in red, green and yellow with four small apples attached to each with seagrass.  The toy also contains pecan wood, more seagrass and sisal.   It can be made in any color you'd like, let me know if you want the apples to be a different color or colors.   The toy is about eight inches long with a split ring hanger at the top.

Apple Barbell Toy - Barbell toy with three larger 1 1/4" apples in red, green and yellow and some pecan wood.  Great for chins that like to carry toys around!  All the apples have a small green "leaf" and a stem.  The total length of the toy is about six to seven inches.  Please let me know if you'd like the colors to be different. 

Apple Tosses - Sold in Packs of one or three.   These are just single apples with a leaf and stem for chins to carry around separate from anything else.  Tell me if you have a color preference.  Three packs include one of each color.

Apple Toy Pieces - Sold in Packs of four only, just loose 1 1/4" apple toy pieces for use in other toys.  Let me know if you have a choice of color - I can make them in any color you'd like not just red, green and yellow.  If not specified, the colors will be red, green, yellow and natural in each pack.  The hole drilled through the apples is 9/64" but let me know if you'd like a larger hole drilled in them. 

Apple Barbell Toy

Apple Tosses


AZ Chins Price: 

Apple Pop - 1 ct - $2.25 -

8" Apple Hanging Toy - 1 ct - $7.25 -

Apple Barbell Toy - 1 ct - $2.50 -

Apple Toss - 1 ct - $0.75 -

Apple Tosses - 3 ct - $2.00 -

Apple Toy Pieces- 4 ct - $1.85 -

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Shelly Loves Apples!!

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Apple Toy Pieces

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