Apple and Oat Treats
Crunchy Cookie Treats for Chins

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Apple and Oat Treats

Product Name:  Apple and Oat Treats

Description:  Apple and Oat Treats are hard, crunchy cookie treats.  They make good treats for chinchillas because they have all natural ingredients that are safe for chinchillas to enjoy with finely ground ingredients that will not cause digestive issues like other cookie treats.  Just break up the treats into smaller pieces, 3 or 4 per treat, and feed to chinchillas.  (Please remember to give chinchillas ONLY ONE TREAT A DAY!)

AZ Chins Price: 

1/4 pound - $1.00 -

1/2 pound - $1.75 -

1 pound - $3.25 -

Last Update:  8-28-2011
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