Bulk Pecan Wood
Long Lasting Pecan Hardwood

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Bulk Pecan wood - drilled and undrilled.

Product Name:  Bulk Pecan Wood

Description:  Pecan Wood is very hard and will last quite awhile with chins chewing on it.  It doesn't splinter as chins chew it up and that makes it safer than other softer woods.  Our pecan wood is organic, unsprayed with pesticides or fungicides.  A quarter pound has approximately 10 to 16 pieces, each pound may have up to 40 to 50 pieces. 

Please let me know if you'd prefer your wood to be a certain size.  We have twigs, sticks and slices.  If you do not let me know what you'd want, you'll get an assortment.  Please email me if you are interested in buying in quantities larger than 2 pounds at a time.

AZ Chins Price: 

1/4 lb - $3.00 - Out of Stock

1/2 lb - $5.00 - Out of Stock

1 pound - $8.00 - Out of Stock

2 pounds - $15.00 - Out of Stock


Product Name:  Bulk Drilled Pecan Wood

Description:  This is the same pecan wood described above only it is drilled so it can be used to make toys.   I drill a 1/4" hole in each piece to make it easy to put on chains or wires or on rope.   Let me know if you would like a hole of a different size to be drilled in your order of pecan wood.

AZ Chins Price: 

1/4 lb - drilled - $4.00 -

1/2 lb - $6.00 -

1 pound - $8.00 -

2 pounds - $16.00 -

Last Update:  1-19-2013
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