Calf Manna
Pelleted Calf Manna Supplement

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Calf Manna Pellets

Product Name:  Calf Manna Supplement

Description:  Calf Manna pellets are a pinkish color and are high in protein and other nutrients.   They can be fed as a supplement for sick or nursing chins.  It is not advised to give them to young or pregnant chins.  In general they should be fed sparingly and if given to healthy chins they should only be given as an occasional supplement or treat.   In too large an amount it can cause issues in a chinchilla.  If you are needing this, order only a pound at a time because even with many chins you probably will not need more than that!


AZ Chins Price: 

1 pound - $1.50 -

Calf Manna treat.

Last Update:  8-28-2011
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