Dried Apple Rings
No Sugar or Preservatives added

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Apple Rings Treats

Product Name:  Dried Apple Rings

Description:  These are very thin dried apple rings with nothing added and the skin left on, they are dried to a crisp!   Chinchillas enjoy these for an occasional treat.  Each ring can be broken into two to four treats.  It's a sweet treat without added sugar but still must be given in moderation.

There are about 12 to 15 rings in each ounce, size of rings vary.   Since the rings are completely dehydrated, there are a lot of rings for the weight. Apples frequently to make these are jumani, gala, pink lady and fugi varieties, possibly others.

Please only give ONE treat a day.  With apple only give in a small amount as the daily treat once to twice a week. 

AZ Chins Price: 

1 ounce - $2.25 - Out of stock

2 ounces - $3.75 - Out of stock

1/4 pound - $6.25 -Out of stock

1/2 pound - $9.25 -Out of stock

Last Update:  3-23-2014
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