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Hanging Chew Toy

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Small Toy

Product Name:  Hanging Toys

Description:  These hanging are our basic hanging made of brightly colored (sometimes natural depending on what I have dyed and ready to go on toys), chin-safe pine, sissal and other materials such as pecan wood, possibly pecan wood or seagrass rope.   The shapes and colors of the wood that make of the toy may vary, but the basic size and shape will be the same.  Let me know if you prefer certain colors over others, otherwise the toys will be whatever color is in stock at the time. 

Small toys are approximately 6 inches in length, medium toys are 8 inches and large toys are 10 inches.

AZ Chins Price: 

1 ct - Small - $5.50 -

1 ct - Medium - $7.00 -

1 ct - Large - $8.25 -

Last Update:  10-2-2011
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