Pecan Hanging Toys
Long Lasting Pecan Hardwood Toys

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PecanHanging Toy

Pecan Hanging Toy with mostly sticks. Product Name:  Pecan Hanging Toys

Description:  These are pecan hanging toys made out of pecan wood, they come in three sizes.  They are made out of organic pecan wood, stainless steel wire and a split ring hanger.  If you need a size other than the three listed or have a preference on wood pieces used , please email me with your specifications and I can see what I can do to make custom pecan toys for you.  Toys will vary with the size and shape of pecan wood used in the hanging toys.

AZ Chins Price: 

Small 6" - 1 ct - $6.00 -

Medium 8" - 1 ct - $7.00 -

Large 10" - 1 ct - $8.00 -

Bundle of assorted Pecan Hanging Toys.  (To show sticks and slices of pecan wood in hanging toys.)

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Last Update:  3-3-2013
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