Pecan Wood Toss Toys
Long Lasting Pecan Hardwood Toss Toys

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Pecan Toss Toys


Pecan Toss Toys in three sizes

Product Name:  Pecan Toss Toys


Pecan Toss Toys - These are pecan toss toys made out of pecan wood and sisal, they come in three sizes.  The small has three pieces of pecan, medium has four and the large has five pieces.   Pecan toss toys are fun for chins to toss and drag around the cage.  The pecan wood is organic (grown right here in Arizona) and the sisal is chin safe.

Pecan Ball - This is a toss toy that doesn't have any sisal in it, but it can be carried around by a larger chin.  It has a hardwood ball for a core with dozens of small pecan pieces glued to it.  It's a fairly long lasting toy that will be appreciated by those chins that are especially big chewers.  The core of the toy is 1.5 inches in diameter, all the pecan pieces are under half an inch in diameter and about a half inch long.

AZ Chins Price: 

Small Pecan Toss Toy - 1 ct - $1.50 - Out of Stock

Medium Pecan Toss Toy - 1 ct - $2.50 - Out of Stock

Large Pecan Toss Toy - 1 ct - $3.00 - Out of Stock

Pecan Ball- 1 ct - $3.75 - Out of Stock

Pecan Ball Toss Toy

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