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Mazuri Chinchilla Diet
Chinchilla Pellets

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Mazuri Chinchilla Pellets

Product Name:  Mazuri Chinchilla Diet

Description:  We feed this brand of chinchilla pellets to our chinchillas because it is palatable and nutritionally complete for chinchillas in all life stages.  We know the mill date on every bag of pellets, so the pellets are always fresh unlike many petstore brands of pellets. 

Amount Needed:  Most chins eat about 2 to 2.5  pounds of pellets each month.  When ordering only buy about 3 to four months worth at a time.  You will learn over time how much your chinchilla(s) will consume every 1 to 4 months and figure out what to buy.  If you don't know how much to order, use the simple guide below.

Number of Chinchillas Maximum Pellet Order
One Chin 5 lbs
Two Chins 10 lbs
Three Chins 15 lbs
Four Chins 20 lbs
Five or More Chins 25 lbs

AZ Chins Price: 

2 pounds - $4.15 -

5 pounds - $9.35 -

10 pounds - $15.45 -

25 pounds - $27.95 -

Last Update:  3-25-2023
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