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Halloween Chew Toy

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Pumpkin Toss Toy

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Pumpkin Barbell Toy

Product Name:  Assorted Pumpkin Toys


Pumpkin Toss Toys - Hardwood Jack o Lantern with sisal and hardwood beads in orange, green and possibly natural colors.  Fun toy to throw and carry around the cage.  Only chinchilla safe dyes are used. 

Pumpkin Pop - Fun Jack o Lantern lollypop toy in orange and green.  Made of hardwood "pumpkins", sisal with a pine handle.   Great halloween treat for chins!

Pumpkin Barbell Toy - This is a great toy for chins that love to take things apart.  Normally they start with the stick that holds it together and then they go from there.  There are three hardwood Jack o Lanterns with two orange beads, the stick holding it together is dyed green and made of Pine.

Pumpkin Hanging Toy - A toy for people, who want their chins to keep their toys in one place!  It is a six inch hanging toy with three creepy Jack o Lanterns, hardwood spacers, sisal, seagrass and pecan wood.  It offers a variety of fun things to chew with a orange and green Halloween theme.

Pumpkin Assortment Pack - One of each pumpkin toy.   Save a little getting all four at one time in this pack.

AZ Chins Price: 

Pumpkin Toss Toy - 1 ct - $2.00 -

Pumpkin Pop - 1 ct - $2.25 -

Pumpkin Barbell Toy - 1 ct - $2.50 -

Pumpkin Hanging Toy - 1 ct - $5.50 -

Pumpkin Assortment Pack - 4 ct - $11.00 -

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Pumpkin Pop Toy

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Hanging Pumpkin Toy

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