Chinchilla Sconce

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Color Sconce

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Pecan and Pumice Sconce
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Product Name:  Chinchilla Sconce

Description:  This is a small perch for a chinchilla that resembles a wall sconce.  It has a total height of about 8", the perch at the top is 6"x4" providing a chin with a perch.  The sconce serves at a toy, as well, with each toy having at least 20 toy parts to chew up.  The back of the toy fastens snuggly to the side of the cage, a wrench or ratcheting wrench is recommended for installing the sconce.  I can make this in any color you'd like.  There are a few different models that are more specific in color and possibly the type of toy pieces added.  This toy is made from pine, pecan, hardwood, maybe pumice, sisal and other toy pieces.  (I am sorry if the pictures don't show the toy as well as they should, I am not a good photographer!)

Color Sconce - This is the plain model and may be made up in any color.  Please email me if you'd like a certain color.  If you don't specify the color, I will send whatever I have in stock.  I can make this in  pink, red, natural, green, blue, purple, violet, yellow orange, etc

Pecan and Pumice Sconce - This has pecan, pumice and pine for all those out there that prefer a more natural or rustic look.  It can be made to be whatever color you'd like, just let me know!

Halloween Pumpkin Sconce - The colors used in this toy are black, orange and green.  It has mini pumpkins and jack o lanterns.  It is a great addition to any Halloween theme cage.  I can make this in natural or any other color you'd like...but then it wouldn't have the same creepy look. 


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Halloween Sconce


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Christmas Sconce

Christmas Sconce - Red and Green balls with other toy pieces with gold stars for your chinchilla to chew to bits.  May be made in other Christmas colors, if desired.  Just ask and I can make what you want.

Pink and Purple Hearts Sconce - The colors of this perch are purple, pink and violet.  It has hardwood hearts along with other wood pieces that may include pecan and yucca with other cut out shapes.  This can be made in other colors, if you'd like.

AZ Chins Price: 

Color Sconce - $13.75 -

Pecan and Pumice Sconce - $13.75 -

Halloween Sconce - $14.25 -

Christmas Sconce - $14.25 -

Pink and Purple Hearts Sconce - $14.75 -

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Chii up on her sconce.

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Button wants to remove the pumpkins!

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Pink and Purple Hearts Sconce

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