Pine Shavings Bedding
Large 11.5 cubic feet shavings

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Pine Shavings

Product Name:  Pine Shavings Bedding

Description:  This is a very large bag of pine shavings and is an excellent value.  It is only available for pick up here or delivery to Phoenix or Tucson.  The shavings are very well dried and safe for chins, not all shavings are kiln dried and safe.  The volume of the bag is 11.5 cubic feet uncompressed and will clean the average chin cage 30 to 50 times depending on how much you put in the pan. 

Remove soiled shavings or bedding from the cage once or twice a week or more often to control odor and to keep chins clean and happy.  This absorbent bedding will soak up liquids in a litter pan or cage pan and control odors, but it must be changed out often.  Clean cages keep chins healthy!

Pine shavings to not carry the risk of impaction that many of the paper beddings will with chinchillas should the bedding be ingested. 

AZ Chins Price: 

Large Bag - $13.00 -


Last Update:  8-28-2011
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