Timothy Hay Pellets
Pure Timothy Pellets

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Timothy Hay Pellets


Product Name:  Timothy Hay Pellets

Description:  The Timothy hay pellets are nothing but timothy hay.  There is nothing added.  Some people use these because they have allergies to the dustier loose timothy hay.   Others use it to give the chins more variety in pellets.  If you can get the chin to think they are a treat, they make a wonderful treat substitute.  Occasionally I will give them along with their Mazuri right in their food bowls for something a little different.

AZ Chins Price: 

1/2 lb - $1.50 -

1 pound - $1.95 -

2 pounds - $3.75 -

5 lbs - $8.00 -

10 lbs - $13.20 -

Timothy Pellets can be tasty.

Last Update:  8-28-2011
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