Natural Vine Lilies
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Vine Lily

Product Name:  Natural Vine Lilies

Description:  Natural vine wreaths are approximately 4" long.  They are made of unsprayed vine that is chinchilla safe, and are safe for chins to chew and take apart.  

Please email if you would like for the lilies to be dyed to any color you'd like.  The vine material takes color very well with chin safe dyes - the color stays very vibrant.  I have blue, green, purple, red, orange, yellow and pink in different shades if you are interested.

AZ Chins Price: 

Vine Lily - 1 ct - $0.95 -

Vine Lilies - 5 ct - $4.25 -

Vine Lilies - 10 ct - $9.00 -

Last Update:  3-24-2014
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