Witch Toys
Witchy Pop/Witch's Broom

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Chinnie Witch's Broom

Product Name:  Witch Toys


Witchy Pop - This toss toy is a witch on a stick!   Her face comes in either green or purple and is complete with a giant wart on her chin.  The toy is made from hardwood, sisal and chinchilla safe dyes.

Witch's Broom - The Chinnie Witch's Broom has a pecan handle dyed black with brown sisal, great for a fun Halloween toy.  

AZ Chins Price: 

Chinnie Witch's Broom - $1.35 -

Green Witchy Pop - $2.85 -

Purple Witchy Pop - $2.85 -


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Witchy Pops
(In Green face and Purple Face)

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